There is Always A Why…


I was always the person who people came to to discuss, process and figure out what to do in life.


Since this became what I was not only really good at but passionate about I decided to make it my career choice. As a Global Leader in the non-profit sector coupled with 21 Years as a Police Chaplain I bring to every Coaching Process a wide range of expertise and perspective.

Currently , in addition to my private Coaching firm I am an Executive Coach at Cisco Technologies where I am honored to work on a Global Industry Marketing Team.

I hold Certifications from International Coaching Federation (ICF), Markus Buckingham Strenghts based Coaching (TMBC), John Maxwell Coaching Program, and am internally certified at Cisco.

My passion for coaching comes from my love for people and the uniqueness of their journey. I deeply believe in the value of each person and honor their journey as a gift to all of us.