"Garry is a strong asset to any organization from a variety of levels. Known as a leader, problem solver and strategic thinker, Garry has the communication skills and style that builds teams and anticipates the future to make things better. Moreover, Garry's ability to serve as a mentor and life-coach is well known and proven through literally hundreds of stories from individuals, couples and businesses that he has helped navigate through difficult times in both a personal and professional setting. It is seldom that you meet a person who has the business acumen and personality to be successful in any organizational environment."

— Eric n. Finn


I’m so glad to have worked with Garry recently, he is an incredibly dedicated, positive, energetic and helpful executive coach. After spending a 1 hour call with Garry was worth gold for me as I’ve gained so much clarity around me, what I bring to work, my value and a mental framework to remember it all. He was able to adapt to my messages, my way of thinking and extract the best bits and make them shine for me.

But this is not all, he also went the extra mile and helped me/coached me through a couple of job application processes for my first leadership role. He was encouraging me all the way, he helped me interpret the messages I was receiving and the feedback I got during the interviews. I’m glad to say that I got two job offers as a consequence thanks to Garry for helping me bring myself out in a different new and much more clear light to everybody. Garry was also checking-in with me constantly and proactively to see how I was doing on a weekly basis.

I would recommend Garry to anybody struggling finding themselves in their current career path, or choosing a new career path or simply review where you are at and see what things can be optimised.

— Nelson Salvatorelli - Fortune 500 Manager


Garry is one of those rare gifts to humanity -- someone who truly cares about people, teams, and results. His interpersonal skills are exceptional and his ability to bring teams together to focus on a common purpose extraordinary. I have the deepest respect for him for his integrity, passion, and ability. Garry is a true professional!

— Chuck Harris - Senior VP, Corporate Operations at Pyramid Systems


Having worked beside him for fifteen years, I can say without reservation that Garry is a bright, sincere, faithful and diligent leader who brings his considerable gifts, talents and passion to every venture and opportunity presented to him. He cares about people and processes and, unlike many, he has the skill set and experience to work through complex human and organizational quagmires to achieve critical objectives.

Christopher Meidl - Consultant, Coach& Artist Rep.