Growing up in Northern New Jersey I was able to watch a strong work ethic play out in front of my young eyes every single day. My Italian Grandfather had a Ice cream business and my Irish Grandfather sold block ice before the days of refrigeration. My father in addition to working at Otis Elevator owned a Taxi Cab business that he ran a night after his day job. My grandfathers were chasing the American dream of provision and stability and being their own boss my father was looking to ‘own’ his own and provide for his growing family. I owe a huge debt to the example they all set for me to follow. A lot has changed since then. The most significant being that company and employee loyalty is in the past tense. In my parents generation it was one company for one life, in todays corporate culture my children will go through possible ten job changes in their careers. It is not good or not bad it simply is. The men in my family had a intuitive sense that owning their own business and seeing the direct result of their hard work was the best pattern to build their dreams and provide for their families.

Garry Senna